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March 6, 2022

#GrandTheftAutoVI #GTAVI #GTA6

Hey guys, this is a 'NEXT-GEN TEASER TRAILER' concept for upcoming Rockstar Studios project GTA VI (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

Amazing GTA VI Logo Artwork By WesleyVianen
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The inspiration behind this video:

A leaker has revealed that a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer most likely won't be happening until the end of the year or later. After the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title was officially confirmed to be in development by Rockstar Games in February of this year, fans were hoping that more information would be revealed soon. However, that does not seem to be the case.

Almost a decade has passed since Grand Theft Auto V, the seventh main installment of the GTA series was released, making this the longest gap between games thus far. GTA V provided GTA Online and the various expansions the game mode receives have allowed for the overall longevity of the GTA V while Rockstar Games focused on other successful projects. Still, players of the Grand Theft Auto titles have voiced their frustrations for years now, and rumors about GTA 6 have been widespread for just as long. While the development of the game has finally been confirmed, fans are still waiting for an official trailer or hint at a release date.

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