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July 3, 2022

#MsMarvel #DisneyPlus #MarvelStudios

Here's the 'PROMO TRAILER' for Marvel Studios' series MS. MARVEL (2022) EPISODE 5 (More Info About This Video Down Below!)

Thumbnail Based On Amazing Artwork By spdrmnkyxxiii
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The inspiration behind this video:

Disney+'s new Ms. Marvel series has introduced several new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Kamala Khan's close family and friends, all of whom are likely to have long and prosperous tenures in the ever-expanding superhero franchise. Though the series is set in the MCU, the characters therein have had no interactions with any of the main cast of the franchise just yet. Nevertheless, certain personalities in Kamala's vicinity draw parallels to certain members of the Avengers, foreshadowing the future Ms. Marvel's eventual position with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Iman Vellani makes her debut as Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American high school student living in Jersey City. After finding a mystical bangle among her great-grandmother's things, Kamala gains the ability to generate "hard light" from within her body, which attracts the attention of a group of malevolent Djinn that seeks her power to send them back to where they came from. Of all the Avengers, Kamala Khan is most like her personal idol, Captain Marvel. It would appear that Kamala has fashioned much of her life after that of Carol Danvers, even wearing a fan-made costume of hers in the early days of her own superhero career. It is only fitting that Kamala takes after Carol in this way, as she is fated to one day become Captain Marvel's sidekick in the MCU.

Episode 1: Available Now
Episode 2: Available Now
Episode 3: Available Now
Episode 4: Available Now
Episode 5: July 6, 2022.
Episode 6: July 13, 2022.

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