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February 5, 2022

#Venom3 #AntiVenom #SonyPictures

Take a look at TEASER TRAILER concept for VENOM 3 (More Info About This Video Down Below)

Spider-Man Black Suit footage credit goes to Billy Crammer
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Thumbnail Based On Amazing Artwork By Carpaa 2011
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Inspiration behind this video:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has still given no clues about its next big villain, and while there are plenty of rumors about a World War Hulk movie, Venom's introduction to the MCU could also bring a much greater threat than the Hulk or even Thanos via Venom 3. For the main villain of a saga to be on the same level as Thanos, they'd need to threaten more than just Earth. One character who could take on that role is the creator of Venom's species, a god-like figure named Knull — and his fingerprints are already all over the MCU.

Thor Ragnarok drew heavily from the extremely popular Planet Hulk comic arc, with Hulk stranded on planet Sakaar. The World War Hulk storyline continues this with a dark tone. In it, a grief-stricken Hulk, powered up by background radiation from Sakaar, attempts to take revenge on the heroes who he believes betrayed him. Avengers: Endgame sets up this storyline, from the Hulk's mistreatment by Banner to grief over Natasha's heroic sacrifice. This could all serve as a distraction from a more serious threat.

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